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World Of Oud

History Of Oud

Originated from the Agarwood trees. Oud was soon to become the most favorite of aristocrats due to its intense and classy fragrance. It is thought to have originated in Assam, India and now grown across the middle east. Oud is actually precious resin obtained from the bark of agarwood trees. When the fungus acts on the bark of Aquilaria tree, an aromatic and dark hardwood is created. This is then distilled and the oudh oil is extracted. The agarwood is even mentioned in vedas. It is listed as one among the first eight sought after fragrance. The fragrance is not only exciting but is considered as spiritually elevating.
The finest oud comes from the oldest tree. It has highly seducing power. Its smell is so exhilarating that it imparts intense energy to the one using it and others who smell it. It provides a sense of positive vibe as the fragrance is directly connected to enhance happiness and joy around. The highly seducing fragrance is also believed to have direct connection with sexual wellbeing. The fragrance suddenly spreads and creates an aura of spirituality around and is often used in elevating spiritual consciousness.

Special Features


For Royal Family

We create the finest Oud only for use by Royal families. We curate bottles that are made out of 18 carat gold, white gold, platinum, crystal or silver to fill in the divine perfumes to be used by royal class depending on their requirements. Attending to the celebrations and occasional needs like marriages, birth of newborns, birthdays, funeral ceremonies etc, we make them as per the needs.


It is often difficult to distinguish the finest oud from fake ones. The finest oud may come after being diluted with white oil. It is easy to identify the fake one by applying it at the back of the neck and if it gives a warm sensation, it is not real. Smell is the best way to identify real oud. The real agarwood smells woody with a fruity aroma. Smell of the pure oud lasts forever while impure ones do not. Natural agarwood has symmetrical black or brown veins and can be identified with its appearance. Heating test also determines the quality of oud. While burning agarwood the tree extracted resin would start bubbling. Quality oud produces more bubbles.