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Zain Malik Rifai

Zain Malik Rifai is the thirty fourth grandchild of prophet Mohammed and seventeenth grandchild of His highness Sheikh Rifai. Shaik Sayed Ahamed Yaseen Rifai was his mentor. He started the business of creating Oud with a few dollars, given by his father. It was started in January 2010 in Bruna. Later started company in Singapore and Malaysia on 11th January 2012.By 2013 in London and 2014 in New York. In 2021 the company was set up in India, Kerala and started the same in UAE inside the Burj Khalifa building in 2022.


Creating a world of Oud where the royal families meet their needs of divine fragrance. Make enchanting fragrance of various kind to give the identity, uniqueness and reviving aroma to the aristocrats.


To become the ultimate name in making premium Oud. To become the most sought-after company among the royal families across the world in meeting their fragrance requirements.

Chairman's Message

“Some fragrance stays long in the attire, but we make those that last forever in your heart”.
I am overwhelmed to share my happiness and pleasure in bringing to the royal personalities, the finest quality Oud and its fragrance. For years it is what I am doing, a business done by Prophet Muhammed (S.A) by himself. I consider it as a divine hereditary gift and am committed to bring the best out of each fragrance creation.
Mr.Sayyid Zain Malikh Rifai
Managing Director

CEO's Message

I pursued my studies at oxford university and completed my studies in school of medicine. Then I got my specialization in plastic surgery from America. By the time I was a doctor, my brother announced that I was selected as the CEO of ZMR company. I felt too happy to hear those words. I could now do the same job that my ancestors did. I am a member of the Rifai family. I was so lucky to visit many royal families and take the orders for oud. Our company provides oud to the various royal families and Shaik families in New York, London, Bruna, Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc.
Dr.Sayyidath Fathiamh Noorjha Rifai

From the Desk of Marketing Manager

My brother asked me to join the company as marketing manager once I completed my doctor’s degree. It was indeed a great decision and I am happy about it. We used to travel across China, Malaysia, Cambodia, India etc. to collect the materials required for creating Oud and gold for making the beautiful designer bottles. Beautifully created, handmade bottles are the most important attraction of the company. We make them as per the taste of each individual or create them according to the taste of the person it is gifted to. Fragrances are so created that it reflects the tastes and preferences of each person.